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This is my website. My own. My second. I still get asked by many people, what the hell is X3T? To make a long story short, my University's email address was way too long for my taste, so I looked around for something shorter. I tried various accounts on web.de and things, but they weren't that much better. So somehow the idea was born to get a real website and maybe some webspace for images and stuff. X3T was among the shortest I could find, and it also reminded me on one cool rocket in one of my favorite comic books. Although, the rockets name there was XR8, X3T seemed close enough. :)

What to find here?

There are some links to click on here, surprise.  The majority of bandwidth and storage space is taken by pictures found in the adventures section. There are from various trips to conferences and the occasional vacation. You can also take a closer look into the research area, where I summarized my research interests, and have also listed some projects and publications. The CV obviously shows a curriculum vitae of mine and you can reach me through various means provided on the contact page.



In February 2009 I finished my PhD in computer science from the University of Magdeburg and I work now in the German Climate Computing Centre in Hamburg in the area of scientific visualization and high performance computing. Besides working all day long in the lab, I like the outdoors and also climbing and road bike cycling. 

    ps. In the picture I am on the right side, the other is my older brother Stephan.



Magdeburg is the city where I was born, and in which I grew up. Over the years I have also lived in Dresden and in Canada for some time, but came back to study computer science at the University here in Magdeburg. The city has changed quite a bit over the last decades and the quality of life improved a lot. In 2009 I moved downstream and I am now living in Hamburg.

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